Day Trip Guided City Tour of Fes

Today we will help you to explore the oldest city of Fes in One Day trip with Nomadic Tribes Tours, Our Departure will be from your hotel or Location after you take your breakfast. Fes has the oldest medina in Morocco and also the biggest to visit Fes , Nomadic Tribes Tours will offer you a Local Guide who will take you around the medina to enjoy and learn the most attractions of the this beautiful city, such as El-Bali through Bab Boujloud that will take you up to the two main streets. Talaa Kebira (big climb), the largest and Talaa Sghira (small rise) both lead to the heart of Medina. With our guide who will take you for a walk inside the old medina, also to see Mellah with its intense atmosphere and fine example of Mauro-Hispanic architecture. Then you drive to the Borj Sud to see a wonderful panoramic view of the medina. Then visit Tanneries on the bank of the Oued Fes, despite the strong smell of the souk it considers one of the traditional markets in Morocco. You continue on through es-Seffarine and its brass workers, down the colorful es-Sebbaghine with its street of the Dyers, and souk el-Attarine area of spices and groceries to the exterior of the impressive al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and university and the el-Attarine Medersa (entrance fee included). This is considered one of the wonders of Moorish architecture, built between 1323 and 1325 by Merinid Sultan Abou Said Othman. You pass by the tomb of Moulay Idriss the second Idrissed ruler, considered to be founder of Fes, built in the 18th century and restored in the mid-19th century. During  the Day trip in Fes, You will have a big chance to learn and discover enough about this beautiful city and its cultures, traditions and history. Be sure that all the Day trip of Fes you will guided by a professional and expert who will help you and answer all your needs about Fes. He can also give you more tips you need to know about Fes city in order to have enough ideas to deal with such a local cultures.
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